No Money No Problems

No money? No problem. There are a lot of ways you can help Whistler BMX if you have time to give. Here’s a list of suggestions:

  1. Donate your time or skills to help make this a reality, we need people from throughout the community. Email to offer whatever you can.
  2. Talk to your friends with young children about how great it will be for families to have a park to hang out with the kids to have a bike friendly area with bathrooms, playground, a place to get the kids a popsicle, cookie etc and mom/dad a well deserved espresso!  Get them impassioned about having a bike club for kids and a place for bike passionate families to give their kids foundation skills.
  3. Like Whistler BMX on Facebook and follow on Twitter or Instagram.
  4. Send a personal message to friends on Facebook with a link to the Whistler BMX page or share are recent post from the blog such as “4 Ways You Can Help Whistler BMX” and ask them to share and message others.
  5. Get your parents and grandparents on board and their friends too. If all the moms/dads started doing this we will have a large network of people who love cycling, want their kids and families to have access to the facility.
  6. Talk to any personal contacts and bike industry supporters to see if they may be interested in helping too. The more people who are excited about the project the more likely industry will respond to our requests of support.

If you have any other ideas we can add to this list, please email and let us know!


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