4 Ways To Help Whistler BMX

Help Whistler BMX

So, you’ve heard about Whistler BMX and you want to help? Here’s how you can:

  1. Donate money directly to the club, either at the bank, by email transfer to fundraising@whistlerbmx.com or online here – we will soon be able to offer tax receipts!
  2. Share this document (PDF) with your employer and ask them if there’s anything they are willing to do to help (e.g. donate products or services, money or expertise).
  3. Get involved and help personally. We are all volunteers and are working hard to make this project a reality, if you have skills and are willing to give some time then contact us through the website or someone you know involved.
  4. Check the list below to see if you have something we need, all donations are gratefully received:

Stuff we need:

  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Fridge
  • Generator
  • Air ccompressor
  • Rakes (x10)
  • Flat Shovels (x10)
  • Wheelbarrow (x2)
  • Line Painter
  • Traffic Cones (x25)
  • Garden Hose (400′)
  • Hose Gun Nozzle (x2)
  • Hose Reel
  • Moto Clipboards (x20)
  • BBQ
  • BBQ Tools
  • Propane Bottle (x2)

For the Moto Shed:

  • Carpenter to clean up siding.
  • Window Shutters.
  • Locks for shutters and door.
  • Shelving.
  • Stairs for front door.
  • Help and materials to sand and stain/paint exterior & interior.

We also need help to connect the:

  • Electrical service to the site.
  • Water service to the site.


A loader and dump truck to move 2500 cubic meters of dirt the 0.6km from Jane Lakes Road to the track site (roughly 52 hours of trucking) as well as a loader, D6 bulldozer and excavator to do the actual build.

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